LIN-LOV is the first spreadable flaxseed with nutritional superpowers. The brand launched in late 2019 with 6 recipes; culinary aids and spreads to fill up on Omega 3 and essential nutrients for the day.
We have supported its two founders from the start: brand platform including writing positioning, brand signature and of key phrases, naming, logo and visual identity, development of various presentation tools (business cards, email signature, word mask, power point mask, leaflets, roll-up, distribution brochure, etc. ..), design and production of packagins.
We also designed and developed a commercial site: writing, visual research and shooting objectives, bilingual site development ( French English) via wordpress and woocommerce.
We are proud to have participated closely in the launch of this super brand 100% organic, 100% natural, 100% made in France with 100% French linen. Photo credit @Gwenaelle Dautricourt


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