EutOpie is a new French perfume brand. Our designs tell the story of its creator, a well-travelled Parisian woman in the most interactive way. Starting with the bottle and the logo, we developed all the visual tools making EutOpie stand out in the perfume world. So far, we have developed 7 print ads and 2 press kits for an international market.

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simulation Abribus 2RP eutopieeditionDossier presse Arabe INTERNET 26012012Dossier presse Arabe INTERNET 260120122Dossier presse Arabe INTERNET 260120123Dossier presse Arabe INTERNET 260120124Dossier presse Arabe INTERNET 260120125Dossier presse Arabe INTERNET 260120126Dossier presse Arabe INTERNET 260120127Dossier presse Arabe INTERNET 260120128Dossier presse Arabe INTERNET 260120129N03 HORIZONTAL

edition2n°2 magasinLouvre Museum and the Seine Rivern°3 magasin

LANDSCAPE LAYOUT EUTOPIE n°6 - 300 dpi - 22092013 n°6 internetn°6 retail2n°6 retailEutopie n°7-8 DP hd

eutopie7 10954938_834165056620802_7702840392870516245_n 11181412_819878744716100_1203244100630385554_n Eutopie n°9 DP hd

EutOpie HISTORIQUE 091120167